Cataract Surgery

The philosophy of “one size fits all” no longer makes the grade in cataract surgery. Thanks to the rapid development of technology surgeons now have the capability to customize the choice of intraocular lens implant to the visual needs of each individual.

Unfortunately, not all surgeons have made the commitment to take full advantage of the spectrum of choices now available. My emphasis has always been and will always remain achieving the best possible results for my patients.

This philosophy is the reason I participate in clinical research and investigation of promising new technologies, in many cases making them available to my patients before they are available to the general public. And it is for this reason that I discuss with every patient the full spectrum of choices available, including the expected benefits and potential risks, so that together we can make an informed choice to improve the quality of vision and the quality of life.
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Understanding Cataracts

Cataract Procedure

Lens Implants


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